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Stationary ERS Data Receiving Complex (DRC-5)

The DRC-5 stationary receiving complex is intended for acquisition, demodulation, registration and structural recovery of data

“Kasatka-R” high-resolution ERS spaceborne radar complex

The “Kasatka-R” high-resolution spaceborne radar complex is intended for multimode remote sensing of Earth surface in polarimetric and interferometric survey modes

“Komparus” automated radio-engineering satellite control system

The system is intended for spacecraft control and ensures automated control of a spacecraft constellation in orbits with a capacity of 120 object-control sessions over a 24-hour period

“Compact” small-size airborne synthetic aperture radar

Compact”- type synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is intended for surveying with a radar the terrestrial and aquatic surfaces from aircraft of different types with the spatial resolution varying from 0.5 to 3.5 m

Mission Control Center

The intended aim of the Mission control center is to provide centralized automated control of spacecraft at the stages of preparing for launch, during the orbital flight and at the end of the mission

Mobile receive/transmit complex (MRTC)

Reception of ERS data via High-Rate Radio Link (HRRL) channels from the ERS spacecraft

Set of programs for Converged Cloud Platform

Multifunctional software suite, designed to create modern data-processing centers with high requirements for fault tolerance, productivity, scalability and security

Ground-based ERS Data Receive/Relay Complex

The ground-based complex is designed for operation as receive/transmit complex. It performs acquisition of data from ERS spacecraft, their processing and exchange via a relay satellite to provide consumers with data of operational satellite monitoring of the Earth surface

Software suite for informational and analytical support of spacecraft control operations

The software suite is designed to improve the efficiency of spacecraft control and ensures the relevant subdivisions of the service provider the information

Software/hardware complex for long-term data storage

The software/hardware complex provides wide functionality for managing archiving and recovery of large volumes of geospatial data, as well as for reliable long-term data storage using advanced technical data carriers

“Aist Vizir” software suite

This software suite is designed for operational visualization of various geospatial information in near real-time, as well as to solve a number of basic computational tasks based on it

Innovative products

Product, manufactured at the expense of the investment capital (public or private) for replacement, modernization, qualitative improvement of the company’s fixed assets

“Severyanin-M” spaceborne radar complex

All-weather and round-the-clock (regardless of natural illumination) Earth remote sensing within the centimetric wave band

“Gonets” low-orbit satellite communications system

The “Gonets” system provides users with personal communications worldwide. It consists of space and ground-based segments and is intended both for providing individual users with communications services and for creating corporate networks

Complex for high-rate transmission of satellite data

The complex provides collection of digital payload data from independent working highly informative ERS sensors and instruments for space exploration and scientific discovery aboard spacecraft, as well as transmission of these data to the ground-based receiving complex for further processing
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