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“Compact”- type synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is intended for surveying with a radar the terrestrial and aquatic surfaces from aircraft of different types with the spatial resolution varying from 0.5 to 3.5 m. In comparison with other types of aerial survey, application of SAR has the following advantages:

  • possibility of operating around the clock and under any weather conditions
  • possibility of operating through smoke and dust
  • no need to fly directly above the object of survey
  • broad swath width (up to 15 km)

The small-size SAR of the “Compact” -type can be applied in various fields. Basic software allows conducting thematic processing in the interests of different Customers:

  • forestry
  • emergency situations
  • oil-and-gas recovery
  • coast Guard
  • territorial administration and cartography
  • environmental Police
  • oceanology and fishery

Software provides a friendly interface used at scheduling a surveying flight in accordance with initial data of the Customer.


The SAR of the “Compact” - type has small overall dimensions and is executed by a modular principle which allows its application aboard any passenger or transport aircraft or helicopter. Installation takes no more than 1 hour. The small-size X-/L-band antennas for the SAR of the “Compact” - type can work through a standard window of an aviation carrier.

The SARs of the “Compact” - type have passed tests aboard the following aircraft: Il-18, Il-76, Tu-154, An-30, An-26, Cn-235, Il-103, Il-20 as well as Mi-8, Ka-32, Bell-214, EC 130 B4 helicopters.

Технические характеристики системы

“Compact-Х” SAR
“Compact-L” SAR
“Compact-P” SAR
“Compact-VHF” SAR
Frequency band/ wave length, cm
Х /3
L /23
P /68
VHF /214
Bandwidth of radio channel, MHz
Spatial resolution, m
0.5 х 0.5
0.8 х 0.8
2.5 х 2.5
3.5 х 3.5
Swath width during survey, km
up to 5
up to 15
up to 5
up to 3
Survey flight altitude, m
Type of antenna
window-mounted antenna
external antenna
Antenna dimensions, mm
235 x 235 x50
diameter 350
diameter 500
1300 x 650
Maximum range, km

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