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The systems consist of an onboard segment in the form of radar, realizing the “synthetic aperture” technology - Synthetic Aperture Radar and a ground-based segment that constitutes a computing complex for processing the signal reflected from the earth's surface to obtain a radar image of the observed surface with a specified resolution.

The RIPI produces airborne radar systems (“Compact” series for X -, L -, P-and VHF- bands) and spaceborne ones (X-band “Severyanin-M” for “Meteor-M” spacecraft).

We’ve mastered design methods and manufacturing technologies for various antenna systems of the onboard radar complexes (ORC), including the most labour-intensive ones in the form of large-sized slotted-waveguide array; devices for shaping and generating sounding signals. Different types of algorithms for processing radar data have been developed to create images of the observed surface with a resolution varying from 1.5 km to 1 m.

The “Kasatka-R” high-resolution radar complex (HRRC) is currently being built in active phased antenna array version for the “Obsor-R” spacecraft, produced by JSC “SRC Progress” (Samara).

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