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Development of design documentation

Development of a design documentation is one of the key parts of the complex process of creating radio-engineering equipment, which is carried out in close coordination with other stages of the entire development process. The engineering specialists from design department develop and generate the design documentation with any degree of complexity. All activities related to designing documentation are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Unified system for design documentation.

3D simulation

Development of blocks, devices and containers by means of decomposition method (from assembly up to details) and their three-dimensional models is performed using specialized software programs. The ideology of designing Radio Electronic Equipment (REE) based on printed circuit boards with surface mounting of electronic components, including BGA and CGA, as well as version of basic structure for onboard radio-engineering equipment, mounted inside the unpressurized spacecraft compartment are applied.

Thermal calculation and simulation

Conducting programmed and computational thermal simulation (including the 3-D one) of operational modes for equipment on the ground and in space, followed by preparing a detailed report and issuing recommendations upon adjustment of operational modes or changes in equipment design.

Mechanical calculation and modeling

Conducting programmed and computational mechanical modeling of operational modes for equipment, followed by preparing a detailed report and issuing recommendations upon changes in equipment design.

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