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An investment product – is a product, manufactured at the expense of the investment capital (public or private) for replacement, modernization, qualitative improvement of the company’s fixed assets.

In the framework of the expansion of the RIPI’s presence on the market for civilian products in the part related to investment products over the period 2020-2024, the following activities are envisaged:

  • setting up information system (digital platform), ensuring the establishment of a permanently updated Unified continuous multilayer dynamic coverage of the RF territory with ERS data of various spatial resolutions and providing consumers with access to ERS data, products and services
  • developing technologies to build up electromagnetic screens using meta-surfaces based on layered structures made of epoxy resin and carbon fibers, carbon nanotubes/graphene nanoplates to effectively manipulate microwave and THz radiation and organize their serial production
  • building up software/hardware complex of synthesized vision as a part of on-board civil aviation systems to increase situational awareness for pilot under poor visibility conditions and difficult topography
  • developing technologies to construct nanoscale satellites with a view of establishing promising satellite systems for monitoring the Earth surface
  • developing hardware complex for transmitting very high-rate digital and super-high-frequency analog signals based on an internally developed photonic component base for next-generation local fiber-optic information/telecommunications systems.
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