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With the aim of promoting products of the Foreign Economic Activity (FEA) the RIPI is actively working in the following areas:

  • generation and increase of demand in the RIPI’s FEA products on existing markets, as well as planning the activities on entering new geographical markets including utilizing the opportunities of the government's mediator, as represented by JSC “Rosoboronexport”
  • expansion of the range of products, which the RIPI can sell within its own right

Products of foreign economic activity - are products, focused on their export to the world market, taking into account the chosen foreign economic strategy, forms and working methods on foreign markets.

As part of the development and manufacture of FEA products for the period 2020 – 2024, the following activities are envisaged to undertake:

  • development of hardware/software complex for ERS data processing and analysis in the interests of a foreign customer
  • providing engineering services on design of small-size spaceborne synthetic aperture radar
  • delivery of assemblies, units, devices and components for reception and processing of data from Russian special optoelectronic and radio-electronic missions spacecraft
  • building up mobile receive/transmit complex
  • development of quad-band synthetic aperture radar for conducting airborne radar surveys
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