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The Converged Cloud Platform (CCP) is a multifunctional software suite, designed to create modern data-processing centers with high requirements for fault tolerance, productivity, scalability and security.

The converged infrastructure allows combining computational and storage resources into a single structure, eliminating the need to explore traditional data-storage systems.


The set of programs for the CCP ensures:

  • creating and control of virtual machines (VM)
  • distributed fault-tolerant storage of data from the VMs with the option of dynamic setting of number of copies
  • live migration of VMs
  • support for a wide range of guest operating systems
  • automatic balancing of the VMs dependent on loading cluster nodes
  • horizontal scaling of the cluster without interrupting services
  • providing users access to the VMs using different protocols (Spice, VNC, RDP, XDMCP)
  • a unified graphical interface for managing cluster
  • creating and recovering archived copies of the VMs
  • collecting and analysing reports about operation

The product has been certified at the requests of the State Customer as compliant with the level 3 of undeclared capability absence control and that the real functional capabilities correspond to those declared in the documentation.

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