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The command-and-measurement system (CMS) for spacecraft control comprises CMS onboard equipment (CMS OE) and ground-based complexes for spacecraft control (GCC).

Onboard Equipment — CMS OE

The distinctive characteristics of the CMS OE are high reliability, noise immunity to exposure of electromagnetic interference of natural and artificial origin and credible information exchange with the GCC. The principle of heuristic self-organization of complex systems has been realized in this equipment, which ensures possible faults to be counteracted. The CMS onboard equipment, designed for operation under open space conditions, is being manufactured.

ground-based complexes for spacecraft control — GCC

The GCC represents highly sophisticated geographically-distributed information-computer complexes, comprising: Mission Control Center (MCС) and CMS ground-based stations. The MCС is the highly automated software/hardware complexes with

highly reliable cluster/server architecture using client-server technology for processing information. Most of the operations of the MCS are carried out in automatic mode without the participation of operators.

The CMS onboard equipment and ground-based stations along with the MCC form the core of the modern automated control system to exercise control over automatic space complexes.

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