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The software/hardware complex provides wide functionality for managing archiving and recovery of large volumes of geospatial data (raw ERS data and data processing results, digital elevation models, 3D digital terrain models, etc.), as well as for reliable long-term data storage using advanced technical data carriers (discs, tapes, etc.).


The software/hardware complex for long-term data storage ensures:

  • recording (archiving)
  • storage and recovery of data recorded on magnetic tapes (streamer cassette) and/or compact discs
  • keeping a register of operators’ appeals to stored information with the ability to treat it statistically and to form the reports
  • data backup storage (more than one copy) on various magnetic tapes or using disc filing system
See also

“Aist Vizir” software suite

This software suite is designed for operational visualization of various geospatial information in near real-time, as well as to solve a number of basic computational tasks based on it

“Mastikhin” software suite

The software suite is designed to convert digital geodata from standard raster formats into a unified lightweight tile format of data presentation