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RIPI’s Web portal ( has been acknowledged to be the best in the Industry nomination by the voting at the XXIII “Golden Site” All-Russian open Internet Contest, and also has been ranked the 2nd in the Best Business Web Design nomination.

The award ceremony for winners of the XXIII “Golden Site” All-Russian open Internet Contest and the VI “Golden App” annual Contest was held on February 12, 2021.

The RIPI’s Web Portal was submitted for the “Golden Site” Contest by website developers from Digital-agency Make company (

Previously, this company had already won the “Golden Website” and “Golden App” Contests in various nominations four times.

Andrey Titaev, Director of Digital-agency Make company, in his interview with the RIPI Press Service said:

- I think, the outcome of our work with the RIPI has been the coolest product, we have ever made. We are specialized on development of websites for manufacturing enterprises. Our company has long wanted to do something interesting in space-related field.  We were very pleased to get an opportunity to do this work. The requirements of RIPI for images and dynamics were particularly high. For each technical system we generated 3D interactive scene. All the models were technically credible; we produced graphical representations of real instruments, satellites, helicopter, space station, and made them to interact with each other just like it happens in real life. The main idea was to develop the website, that tells nothing but sends you right up into space and demonstrates how the systems and instruments, produced by engineers of this Institute, operate beyond the Earth. Just a couple of years ago, the site with similar graphics would not have loaded, but ours just “flies”! Moreover, the site doesn’t adapt to the type of device (telephone, tablet or computer), but to the specific parameters of each device on which it is loaded.

Denis Mitrofanov, Head of RIPI’s Center, shared his impressions of the new site:

- The Make Agency made a unique product, which is ranked the best Industrial portal in the Russian Federation today. Considerable efforts were made from both sides. We prepared detailed scenarios for the visualization part and content for four linguistic versions. I am delighted that the Agency professionals could embrace and embody all of our high and sometimes unprecedented requirements. They started from scratch and developed more than 40 graphic models, implemented smooth animations and visual effects, and provided seamless transitions between scenes and web pages. The result surpassed all expectations and our next challenge is to maintain and further develop the RIPI’s Internet portal.

RIPI Press Service

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