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The RIPI’s successful Compact synthetic aperture radar (SAR) product line has been added with the high-resolution dual-band SAR.

The new SAR has been designed to operate at X- and L- bands; it can be installed on board light aircraft, UAVs or helicopters and it provides the ability to survey the terrestrial and aquatic surfaces under any weather conditions. It is unique in its radiation power and broadband structure and the well-designed micro-navigation system is able to take account the trajectory instabilities of the carrier. All this has improved the image resolution and thus made it possible to undertake monitoring of the terrain on fundamentally new level, that is the accuracy of definition of the boundaries of flooding, soil conditions, the quality of crops and forests, oil spills, detection of small-sized objects, etc. have increased significantly.

Roman Ermakov, Head of one of our Institute laboratories, said in his interview:

On the basis of our long-experience in designing and building small-sized radars, we suggested a number of measures for improving a wide range of SAR characteristics and performance, especially, with regard to reduction in energy use and increase in accuracy. As a result, the spatial resolution at X-band has been improved up to 0.2 m, and at L-band – up to 0.5 m. To achieve that result, we have been applying a wide range of modern techniques and innovative practices for building advanced instruments, as well as high-speed and broadband digital signal generation and digitization modules. 

RIPI Press Service

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