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On October 23, 2022, three GONETS-M spacecraft and SKIF–D, the first satellite, launched under the SPHERE federal project, were delivered in its mission orbit after a launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome’s 1C launch pad at 22:57:09 msk, aboard Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with a Fregat upper stage.

Our Institute is the main executor of work under the GONETS-D1M project on building multifunctional personal satellite communications system (MPSCS) in terms of the communications complex. In addition, our enterprise is developing instrumentation for SADKO onboard radio-engineering complexes, designed for installation within the GONETS-M spacecraft; communications protocols; software/hardware assets for regional and central stations, for communications complex control center (CCCC); for GONETS-D1M MPSCS communications system control center; as well as user terminals of various modifications.

The general contractor for the GONETS-D1M MPSCS in terms of the space complex is Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems company (ISS-Reshetnev Company); the operator, responsible for providing satellite communications and relaying services is JSC Satellite System GONETS.

The GONETS-D1M system orbital constellation is one of the most numerous satellite constellations after the GLONASS system in the Russian Federation.

Since 2005, twenty five GONETS-M satellites have been put into orbit. In 2015, the GONETS-M spacecraft with the GONETS-D1M MSPSS aboard were entered into service. The GONETS-D1M MSPSS provides effective monitoring at a low cost of satellite-based subscription services.

Currently, the CCCC (communications complex control center), the Control Center for GONETS-D1M MPSCS communications system and one of the central stations (at RIPI’s) have been deployed in Moscow, the other one – in Zheleznogorsk (ISS-Reshetnev Company). Other regional stations are operating in the capital, Zheleznogorsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and several other Russian cities as well.

The GONETS-D1M is the national satellite communications system, designed for data transmission and providing telecommunication services to end users anywhere in the world. The main servicing zone includes the entire territory of the Russian Federation, Europe and a significant part of Asia.

Commissioning three new GONETS-M spacecraft will significantly increase the effectiveness of the overall system, that is cutting down on latency time during the communication sessions, reducing time for delivering information, increasing bandwidth capacity.

The SKIF-D demonstration satellite has been designed for testing new technical solutions, which will assure high-speed Internet access and protection of the orbital frequency resource.

This is the first satellite launched under the SPHERE federal project, which will comprise five communications satellite constellations (YAMAL, EXPRESS-RV, EXPRESS, SKIF and MARATHON) and five ERS satellite constellations (BERKUT-X, BERKUT-O, BERKUT-VD, Berkut-S and REVIEW). 

RIPI Press Service,
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