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The system is intended for spacecraft control and ensures automated control of a spacecraft constellation in orbits with a capacity of 120 object-control sessions over a 24-hour period.


  • different modifications of the onboard equipment with the period of an active operation varying from 5 to 15 years and expectancy of failsafe operation of more than 0.99
  • ground-based radio control stations are available in transportable and stationary configurations
  • mobile checkout equipment which ensures autonomous checks of the “Komparus” on-board equipment, as well as comprehensive checks and prelaunch preparation of a satellite at the satellite manufacturer’s and at the launch site

The onboard equipment and the ground-based stations constitute a command-and-measurement system.


Spacecraft control with orbit altitudes, km
170–56 000
Uplink of single control commands at a rate of 1 s
up to 750
Uplink of arrays of working and temporary programs to onboard control complex at a rate of, bit/s
up to 4000
Downlink of acknowledgement data and arrays of digital data at a rate of, bit/s
up to 6000
Storage of temporary programs aboard spacecraft with a capacity of, bit
up to 32000

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