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This software suite is designed for operational visualization of various geospatial information in near real-time, as well as to solve a number of basic computational tasks based on it.


This software suite ensures:

  • prompt solution of visualization tasks for heterogeneous geospatial information in planned and three-dimensional modes without connecting to the Internet
  • determining spatial coordinates of any point
  • conducting terrain measurements, taking into account and without taking into account the form of relief
  • search by coordinates and names
  • calculating visibility from a point
  • exporting raster data to a file for printing or for use in third-party software
See also

Software/hardware complex for long-term data storage

The software/hardware complex provides wide functionality for managing archiving and recovery of large volumes of geospatial data, as well as for reliable long-term data storage using advanced technical data carriers

“Mastikhin” software suite

The software suite is designed to convert digital geodata from standard raster formats into a unified lightweight tile format of data presentation