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The representatives of JSC “RI PI” Ilya Ivanov and Sergey Litvyakov completed the annual maintenance of the equipment of the Antarctic Regional Center for Earth Remote Sensing of the Roscosmos State Corporation.

As a part of the preparation of Ground-based ERS data receive/relay complex (R/A) for operation in the winter conditions of the South Pole, maintenance of the antenna complex was carried out, the ground-based complex software was updated, materials on design supervisions and technical inspections were summarized, electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic means was ensured in terms of monitoring the interference environment, the wintering team specialist of the 67th Russian Antarctic Expedition was trained in the rules for operating the Ground-based ERS data receive/relay complex-R/A hardware and software.

The Antarctic Regional Center for remote sensing of the State Corporation Roscosmos is located on the territory of the all-year-round Russian station Progress and is part of the Unified Geographically Distributed Information System for Earth Remote Sensing (EGDIS ERS), developed and created by JSC “RI PI”. For three years of operation, it provided more than 750 communication sessions for receiving and relaying space data in the interests of the Russian Federation regarding EGDIS ERS.

The Antarctic Regional Center for Earth remote sensing automatically performs the tasks assigned by the ERS space system Operator of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" - the Scientific Center for Earth Operative Monitoring of JSC "Russian Space Systems" – in terms of receiving space information obtained from the Russian orbital constellation and its relaying to the processing complexes making up UGDIS ERS in Moscow.

The ERS center in Antarctica also serves the needs of the “Progress” station. In manual mode, the satellite communications specialist of the expedition's wintering team plans and carries out communication sessions with foreign spacecraft, processes the information received and retransmits it to the forecaster and meteorologist of the station for further work.

Roman Shevchuk, Deputy Chief of Scientific and Technological Corporation of JSC “RI PI”:

- I am pleased to note that cooperation between the State Corporation Roscosmos and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) is expanding. In 2021, AARI wasprovided with access to the “Roscosmos” Geoportal to submit applications for imaging and using high-resolution images. This allowed the AARI Center for Ice and Hydrometeorological Information to use the information received from the satellites of the Kanopus-B constellation for guiding scientific expedition ships to unloading sites at the Russian Antarctic stations.

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