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In today’s world just having good exam results is no longer enough to ensure high-paying jobs for graduates: employers are looking for something extra, namely work experience. So the most important part of present-day graduate students’ resumes is becoming their work experience section. As a result, internships, externships have become an essential way to help students and graduates gain valuable research or work experience.

In this regard, our Institute offers applicants access to specialized engineering and technical education programs under the so-called high school-enterprise cooperation educational model (or cooperative education) with a subsequent job offers at RIPI’s upon graduation from Moscow's technical universities.

This educational model affords a unique, guaranteed opportunity for youth to get free high-quality, career-focused specialized engineering and technical university education and later upon graduation to be employed in decent jobs and at decent wages at our Institute, which is an innovative company with its impressive 70-year history.

RIPI is actively cooperating with the leading technical universities such as: Russian Technological University (MIREA); Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI); Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI); Bauman Institute; National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI); Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK).

The cooperative education model spans all level of the current educational system: from Bachelor’s and Master’s programs up to Post-graduate studies on the most in-demand jobs for our enterprise, namely:

01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and IT;

09.03.02 Information Systems and Technologies;

09.03.03 Applied Informatics;

09.03.04 Software engineering;

10.05.01 Computer Security;

10.05.03 Information Security of Automated Systems;

11.03.01 Radio-engineering;

11.03.03 Design and technology of electronic devices;

11.03.04 Electronics and nano-electronics;

11.05.01 Radioelectronic systems and complexes

To get access to the privileged educational model the applicants have to sign the contract with our enterprise. During their education at the universities the contracted students are offered a wide variety of practical activities, focused on giving students a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of a specific position at RIPI’s different structural subdivisions. Senior students are offered paid positions, that are considered as part-time employment. The paid interns carry out functions and tasks very similar to that of the fixed-term employees.

Upon graduation from universities, all graduates per earlier signed agreements should stay at their places of employment at our Institute for a minimum of three years, which provided their professional adaptation. Contracted graduates are treated no less favourably than the permanent employees: they are provided with further career advancement and social benefits and guarantees.

Further information about the admission procedures can be found at Career Section – Education and Development -

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