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The “Gonets” system provides users with personal communications worldwide. It consists of space and ground-based segments and is intended both for providing individual users with communications services and for creating corporate networks.


Space segment:

  • low-orbit constellation of communications satellites, equipped with the “Sadko” onboard radio-engineering complex, which performs reception and transmission of messages; gathering data from unattended stationary sensors; global monitoring of goods traffic with through control of their transportation from a place of loading to the destination

Ground-based segment:

  • mission control centers, which provide inspection of the state of onboard systems over the entire period of spacecraft active life; scheduling and coordination of work on deployment and replenishment of satellite constellation; determination of satellite orbit parameters; calculating radio visibility zones; inspecting communications resource utilization and frequency distribution, taking the structure of satellite constellation, as well as surrounding electromagnetic environment into account
  • regional or corporate stations, which provide switching and routing of user flows; data collection and control of work of the assigned networks in several regions; porting users to public data networks

User segment:

  • stationary user terminal. It is installed directly at private or collective user’s. The type of an antenna is turnstile or flat. The antenna cable with fastening elements for the outside installation are parts of a complete set. Power is supplied from a network of 220 V, 50 Hz
  • mobile user terminal. It’s fitted with a positioning tracker and installed on automobiles and other mobile objects. Power supply is from a 12 V battery


Satellite constellation (number of satellites)
12 (4 planes with groups of 3 spacecraft in each) corrected
Maximum/average wait time of a communications session, h
Transmission rate, Kbit/s
2.4; 4.8; 9.6; 38.4; 76.8
Satellite constellation (number of satellites)
200/300, 300/400
Maximum/average wait time of a communications session, h