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Prompt and effective processing of requests on Roscosmos Geoportal has been decreased to a few minutes, and the number of technical facilities, involved in this processing were significantly reduced. The final ERS informational products for the Geoportal customers are now being generated by an automatic data stream processing (ADSP) complex, developed by specialists of Research Institute of Precision Instruments (RIPI, part of the Russian Space Systems holding of the Roscosmos State Corporation).

The new complex is designed for the operation of the Federal ERS Data Fund (FERSDF), which is operated by the Research Center for Earth Operational Monitoring, the operator of the Roscosmos remote sensing satellite facilities. In the Geoportal personal profile the user can select various processing levels for images, obtained from Russian ERS satellites, order and quickly receive them.

The ADSP complex, commissioned by Roscosmos, performs fully automatic high-rate and qualitative processing of large amounts of archival and operational data, received from the orbital constellation of high- and medium-resolution ERS spacecraft: Resurs-P, Canopus-V, Meteor-M.

Dmitry Fedotkin, Head of the RIPI Software Development Department, said in his interview about this complex: “The ADSP complex fundamentally improves the automatic georeferencing of data, acquired from the spacecraft and generates the ERS products with a referencing accuracy of up to several meters. Now, within the single complex, the levels of processing and types of output products have been unified. In addition to standard georeferenced and radiometrically corrected images, new types of standard levels products have also appeared : BUNDLE - a geographically combined pair of panchromatic and multispectral surveys and PANSHARP - an image of higher spatial resolution. Both options have for the first time become available for order, including with the use of mobile app. This service have become mass due to fully automatic processing.”

The FERSDF utilization statistics showed, that currently orders for BUNDLE and PANSHARP products account for 78% of all consumer orders: 36% and 42%, respectively. The ADSP complex, based on rigorous mathematical survey models, will become the algorithmic core of the Digital Earth information system. Moreover, its feature set will be a key solution for the operational processing of a growing amount of data, obtained from the Russian ERS spacecraft constellation.

The Platform, on which the ADSP complex is built, provides unified processing of data, acquired from various surveying instruments and spacecraft, using for this a single set of technical facilities. This ensures its quick adjustment, for example, for radar data, as well as scaling up for large amounts of data, obtained from multi-satellite orbital constellations.

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