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Soyuz MS-15 arrived at the ISS PDF Print
Wednesday, 25 September 2019 00:00
On September 25, 2019, at 19:43 UTC, the crewed Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft routinely docked to the Zvezda service module of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

The flight program was based on a four-orbit approach scheme. The approach process went automatically under control of the Main Operative Group of the Russian segment of the ISS at the Korolyov-based Mission Control Center.

The crews are now preparing to open the transfer hatches: test the spacecraft compartments for leaks, transfer to the habitation module, where they will be able to take off and dry the space...
First Meteor-M satellite launch 10th anniversary PDF Print
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 00:00
On September 17 2009, the Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with the Fregat booster launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome with the first Meteor-M hydrometeorological and oceanographic space complex Meteor-3M satellite onboard. This launch paved the way for recreating the Russian meteorological orbit group.


VNIIEM Corporation is the head designer of the spacecraft. The Russian Space Systems (RSS, part of Roscosmos) specialists have contributed a lot into developing the No.1 Meteor-M satellite equipment and systems. The company created multizone small-scale scanning unit, onboard information...
Roscosmos. The Fastest Transport Cargo Vehicle Progress MS-11 Docks to the ISS PDF Print
Thursday, 04 April 2019 00:00
At 17:22 MSK, the transport cargo vehicle Progress MS-11 docked to the Pirs module of the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the fastest spacecraft in the history of space flights to the ISS.


Earlier today, at 14:01 MSK, Progress MS-11 was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome’s launch pad №31. Its flight was controlled by the specialists of the Chief Operational Crew for the management of the Russian segment of the ISS at the Mission Control Center. At the ISS, the docking process will be controlled by Roscosmos cosmonauts, commander of the ISS crew Oleg Kononenko and...
MCC. Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft docks to ISS PDF Print
Monday, 03 December 2018 00:00
Soyuz MS-11 manned transport vehicle successfully docked the docking unit of the Poisk mini research module of the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS). The docking took place on 3 December, at 20:33 Moscow time.


The flight program was designed to carry out a four-loop approach to the station. The approach was carried out automatically under control of the specialists of the Chief operational crew for the management of the Russian segment of the ISS at the Mission Control Centre and of the Russian members of the station and spacecraft’s crews.


“RIPI” JSC at ARMY-2017 Forum PDF Print
Thursday, 24 August 2017 00:00
“RIPI”’s wide range of products was presented within the framework of the common program for participation of the “Roscosmos” State Corporation companies and organizations in the work of III International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2017 during the period of August 22 through 27, 2017. The Forum took place in "Patriot" military patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Our enterprise demonstrated informational material for Mobile Receiving/Transmitting Complex (MRTC). The Complex provides reception, processing, storage and transfer of telemetry...
“RIPI” JSC at MAKS-2017 Salon PDF Print
Friday, 21 July 2017 00:00
“RIPI” participated in the 13th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 held  on 18–23 July in the Russian city of Zhukovsky  on the territory of “Russia” Transport Exhibition Complex, at the “Ramenskoe” airdrome of the Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov.

The prototypes of “RIPI”’s innovative products were showcased at the joint exhibition stand of the "Russian space systems" (“RSS”) holding. The exposition of the “RSS” covered a vast area of more than 300 sq.m where the large-scale presentation of the infrastructure decisions...
“RIPI” JSC at ARMY-2016 Forum PDF Print
Saturday, 10 September 2016 00:00
“RIPI” (a subsidiary of “Russian Space Systems” holding), exhibited several pieces of its innovative products on the joint “Roscosmos” Corporation exhibition stand during the Second International military-technical forum ARMY-2016 held in the Moscow suburbs on 6–11 July 2016.

The new hardware/software complex, providing information and analytical support to a variety of control operations, created in the “RIPI”, attracted particular interest among Forum’s visitors.

Compared to the previous generation, the present complex is...
MAKS-2015 PDF Print
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00
JSC “RI PI” (RIPI) was taking part in MAKS, the XII International Aviation and Space Salon, traditionally held in Zhukovsky, near Moscow, 25–30 August 2015.

Nearly two dozen Russian aerospace enterprises were presented within the framework of the common program for participation  in 900 sq. m. exhibition pavilion D1.  Satellite  instrument manufacturers were given the prominent position among the Russian participants.

The RIPI showcased some prototypes of its products within the joint exposition of a group of aerospace companies, being part of  the “Russian space...
“Kurs-A” system has celebrated 15 years of fail-safe dockings with ISS PDF Print
Tuesday, 28 July 2015 00:00
“Kurs – A” radio-engineering system, designed in  the JCS RIPI (RIPI) and intended to measure mutual motion parameters necessary to accomplish spacecraft search, rendezvous and docking operations, has  successfully performed automated docking  of the  “Soyuz TMA-17M”, manned transport spacecraft, with the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS).

This docking has become the 109th one on the ISS. The first docking  occurred 15 years ago on July 26, 2000, when the “Zvezda” service module and  the Functional Cargo Block (FCB)  “Zarya”-“Unity” were...
CEO Council of «Russian Space Systems» integrated structure PDF Print
Friday, 17 July 2015 00:00
A scheduled meeting of CEO Council of the integrated structure of JSC “Russian Space Systems”(JSC “RSS”) was held  at the  JSC “Research institute for precision instruments” (RIPI) on 7 July, 2015.

Andrey Evgenyevich Tyulin, the director general of the JSC «Russian Space Systems», headed the delegation of principal leaders.

The enterprises of the integrated structure were presented by the CEOs of the space companies: Yuri Sergeevich Yaskin, head of the JSC “United Rocket Space Corporation” – “Research institute for satellite instrument engineering” branch...
Scheduled ISS Orbit Correction PDF Print
Thursday, 18 June 2015 00:00
The ISS orbit correction was performed on June 18, in compliance with the ballistic support program of the ISS flight to form the ISS orbit for Soyuz TMA-17M manned transport spacecraft.

Progress M-26M cargo transport spacecraft’s engines were started at 1.59 p.m. and kept operating for 248 seconds.

The maneuver resulted in the station’s altitude increase by 0.8 km.

Press-service of Roscosmos []

Roscosmos: Paris Air Show 2015 PDF Print
Monday, 15 June 2015 00:00
Roscosmos and United Rocket and Space Corporation enterprises are participating in the Paris Air Show, which has started today, in Le Bourget, France.

Roscosmos and the United Rocket and Space Corporation hold a common stand of almost 400 square kilometers in surface, where they present expositions by Lavochkin research and production association, Khrunichev research and production center, Energia state corporation, Progress rocket and space center and other prominent in Russia and world-renowned companies, manufacturing all the necessary equipment for space research: models of...
The correction of the ISS orbit PDF Print
Tuesday, 03 March 2015 00:00
On March 3 at 11-00 a.m. MT the orbit of the ISS was changed adjusted. The correction of the orbit was realized by the engines of the Cargo space vehicle Progress M-26M, which is docked with the ISS. The height of the orbit was increased by 750 meters and now is approximately 402,68 km high, the speed of the Station was increased by the 0,43 meters per second. The main aim of that maneuver was to prepare the ISS to the upcoming landing of the crew of Soyuz-TMV-14M and launch of the Soyuz TMV-16M.The landing is scheduled on March 12. The crew of Soyuz-TMV-14M: cosmonauts of Roscosmos...
Progress M-26M has successfully docked with the ISS PDF Print
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 00:00
Feb 17 at 7-57 p.m. Moscow time the cargo spacecraft Progress M-26M has successfully docked with the ISS through the Functional Cargo Block Zarya.
The docking operation was produced in the automatic mode under control of the Russian crew members of ISS and specialist from the Mission Control Center.
The cargo SC has delivered on aloft more than 2,6 tones of different supplies, like scientific equipment, propellant components, meals and personal effects.

Press-service of Roscosmos []

Рrogress M-11M Successfully Docks to the ISS PDF Print
Thursday, 23 June 2011 00:00

Progress M-11M which was lifted off from Baikonur on Tuesday successfully docked to the International Space Station today, at 20:37 MSK, to Zvezda module.
Rendezvous and docking sequence was automatic, under monitoring of the Mission Control Center and the station crew.
The Russian cargo vehicle has delivered more than 2.6 t of cargo, including propellant, oxygen, water, food, crew parcels, scientific equipment, to the ISS.

Roscosmos PAO []

Soyuz TMA-02M Docks with the ISS PDF Print
Friday, 10 June 2011 00:00
Soyuz TMA-02M crew vehicle successfully docked to the International Space Station today at 01:18 a.m. MSK. The vehicle is now attached to the Rassvet docking port. The rendezvous and docking was in automatic mode, under the control of the MCC experts and the crew.
After leak check of the interface and the compartments, TMA-02M crew – commander Sergey Volkov (Roscosmos), flight engineers Satoshi Furukawa (JAXA), Michael Fossum (NASA)– will join Andrey Borisenko, station commander, and Alexander Samokutiaev and Ronald Garan to start the 6-crew stage of increment 28.
Soyuz TMA-02M is a...
Рrogress M-10M to Arrive at the ISS Today PDF Print
Friday, 29 April 2011 00:00
Progress M-10M which successfully lifted off from Baikonur on Wednesday is due to dock to the International Space Station today, at 18:29 MSK, to Pirs module.

The Progress will deliver the following cargo items to the station:

Prop in the propulsion system tanks for the ISS needs

250 kg

Prop in the refueling system tanks


Gas in the oxygen supply system containersoxygen


Water in the Rodnik system tanks


The items in the cargo compartment


Equipment for the systems:gas supply system

24kgwater supply system

20kgthermal control...
Soyuz TMA-21 Gagarin Spaceship Arrives at the ISS PDF Print
Thursday, 07 April 2011 00:00
Russian spaceship Soyuz TMA-21 – Gagarin- has successfully docked to the International Space Station’s Poisk module today, April 7, at 03.09 MSK.
Gagarin carrying a crew of ISS-27 increment lifted off from the Baikonur Space Center Tuesday.
Two Roscosmos cosmonauts, Alexander Samokutyayev and Andrei Borisenko, and NASA astronaut Ronald Garan, are supposed to stay in orbit for five months.
Like their fellow-cosmonauts ISS-27 Commander Dmitry Kondratyev, ESA’s Paolo Nespoli and NASA’s Catherine Coleman, whose orbital mission began last December, the new crew is expected to conduct...
Kepler Ready to Dock with the ISS PDF Print
Thursday, 24 February 2011 00:00
A European supply vessel carrying more than seven tonnes of freight is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday, space officials said.

European Space Agency (ESA) officials said the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), dubbed “Johannes Kepler” in honour of the visionary 17th century German astronomer and mathematician, should ease into place at 1545 GMT without any intervention from astronauts in the space station.

It is the second of five scheduled missions that represent Europe's contribution to the ISS, and officials see the ATV programme as a...
Soyuz TMA-M Crew Prepares for Returning to the Earth PDF Print
Monday, 21 February 2011 00:00
The ISS crew of the Russian vehicle Soyuz TMA-M starts preparing for landing slated for mid March.
Commander Alexander Kaleri and flight engineer Oleg Skripochka today will consult ground experts on the descent procedure.
Later this week, the cosmonauts will begin training in special Chibis device which simulates gravity.
Chibis implies negative pressure on the lower part of the body. G-training normally begins about 3 weeks before landing. Then, two weeks before landing, cosmonauts start taking special food additives. On the landing day they also take saline solutions to avoid...
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