Found in 1952
Radio-electronic systems for acquisition, storage and high-rate data transmission Print

(Leadership - Riman Victor Vladimirovich (phone: +7 (499) 204-91-91))

The Systems are responsible for acquisition and  storage of target and service data aboard Earth remote sensing spacecraft with further high rate transmission of this information to the receiving complexes for subsequent use.

The System comprises input stream switch, service data acquisition unit, high-capacity storage unit (>1000 Gbyte), interunit fiber-optic data transmission lines, transmitters, antenna with a drive and a power amplifier.

The system operates at X-band, at 600 Mbit/s with authenticity of  0.999999. It’s equipped with protective system for protection against unauthorized access.

There are several modifications of the System , distinguished by the place of installation aboard the spacecraft: in pressurized and in non- pressurized modules.

Full testing of the System has been performed aboard the “Resurs-DK” spacecraft.