Found in 1952
Mutual radio measuring systems (MMS) for spacecraft search, rendezvous and docking Print

(Leadershi - Medvedev Sergey Borisovich (phone: +7 (499) 202-92-72))

The Systems are responsible for mutual measurement of the motion parameters, that are needed to ensure automatic docking of spacecraft.

The System comprises a range of various meters, intended for measuring mutual range, radial and angular velocities, bearing angle, angle of orientation, bank angle. Multiparameter high-precision measuring systems permit the vector of spacecraft relative position to be determined and automatic docking to be carried out.

High reliability of the Systems has been confirmed through their operation: more than 200 spacecraft dockings have been performed in orbit, using the MMS. At present the System is successfully exploited under the International Space Station (ISS) program, maintaining the ISS’s serviceability and providing the extension of new modules and constructions.