Found in 1952
Air- and spaceborne radar systems for the Earth observation Print

(Leadership - Riman Victor Vladimirovich (phone: +7 (499) 204-91-91))

The Systems consists of two main parts: on-board segment and ground segment. The on-board segment is presented by a radar, which embodies the SAR technique (synthetic aperture radar). The ground segment is presented by a computer complex, intended for processing the signals, reflected from the earth surface, and generating radar images with specified resolution.

We produce airborne radar complexes (“Compact” series for X-, L-, P- and VHF-bands ) and spaceborne radar complexes (X-band “Severyanin-M” for “Meteor-M” spacecraft).

When developing the above complexes, our specialists have mastered various techniques upon designing and production of on-board antenna systems, including the most labour-intensive ones in form of large-sized slotted-waveguide arrays; facilities for shaping and generation of sounding signals of various types. Different kinds of algorithms for processing radar data have been investigated with the aim of obtaining Earth-observation images with the resolution from 1.5 km to 1 m.

At present we are developing a new "Kasatka - R" high-resolution  radar complex (HRRC) in active phased antenna array configuration for the  JSC SRC Progress - designed for the  "Obzor-R" spacecraft. The work was started in 2009.