Found in 1952
Complexes for the Earth remote sensing data reception, processing, distribution and delivery to end users Print

(Leadership - Romashkin Vladimir Vasilyevich (phone: +7 (495) 730-00-31)

The Complex comprises antenna system, receiving, processing and archiving complexes, and ensures generation of Earth observation products in form of half-tone images via the interaction with different on-board instruments. The Complex is manufactured in  mobile and stationary versions of execution. It’s equipped with from 2 m up to 5 m mirror antenna complex , which permits the data to be acquired from spacecraft at a rate up to 600 Mbit/s. The Complexes can be equipped with communications facilities, applying among other things satellite channels for transmitting information.

The enhanced capabilities of the Complex has been successfully demonstrated during the joint operation with the “Resurs-DK” civil spacecraft. Several modifications of the Complex have been developed and built with respect to the needs of different satellites missions, such as “Resurs-P”, Obzor-R”, etc.