Found in 1952
Complexes for automated spacecraft control Print

(Head of Direction - Larkin Anatoly Vladimirovich (phone: +7 (499) 203-86-88))

(Head of Department - Medvedkov Michael Evgenyevich (phone: +7 (499) 202-92-45))

(Head of Department – Golubev Evgeny Arkadyevich (phone: +7 (499) 181-23-08))

The Complex consists of the in-house-built on-board equipment for  command-measuring systems (CMS) and ground spacecraft control complexes (GCC).

The on-board equipment features enhanced capability in terms of reliability, noise immunity from artificial and natural radio interference and validity of data exchange with the GCC. The principle of heuristic self-organization of complicated systems, providing counteracting the eventual failures, has been implemented in equipment design. The on-board equipment for CMS is presented in several modifications to meet the various needs of the various missions, e.g. the equipment capable of operating under the conditions of outer space.

The in-house-built ground spacecraft control complexes represent sophisticated spatial-distributed information-computer complexes, consisting of  Mission control centre (MCC), ground stations for command-measuring systems (built and upgraded by the Institute’s specialists), data transmission systems and a range of other facilities.

In-house-designed MCC represent highly automated hardware and software complexes, which have highly reliable cluster-server architecture, applying client-server technology for processing information. The majority of operations in the MCC is carried out in an automatic mode without the participation of operators.

The on-board equipment and ground control stations for CMS along with the Mission control centre designed and implemented in JSC “RI PI”, form a core set of up-to-date automated spacecraft control systems