Found in 1952
The Manufacturing of the Geospatial Products Print

The geospatial products manufacturing includes: the production of the electronic topographical and subject maps, precise ort-plans, digital models of land forms, 3D (three dimensional) area models.

The research and production complex was founded in 2009. One of the main directions of its functioning is the systematic preparation of the geoinformational resources in the necessary amount. This work is very important for solving informational support issues, which deals with geoinformational systems of various purposes.

The high-professionally specialists with great experience in such a sphere became the basis of this department. Two doctors of engineering sciences and five candidates of science are among them.

The production department is equipped with up-to-date means of geospatial data processing and storing, and it is also provided with unique facilities and software.

The structural branches successfully perform the wide range of issues:  from the analysis and development in geoinformational resources creation and application sphere to series manufacturing of the geospatial products.