Found in 1952
Manufacturing and testing capabilities Print

In the surface mounting area the equipment of the leading European producers (Dek, Ersa, Essemtec, Orbotech, Spea, Zevac, JBC) is installed. It makes enable to accomplish an automatic and semi-automatic mounting of the SMD-components to the printed board assemblies with the high level of quality.

An efficient production preparation system, modern equipment, good performance and flexibility, high qualification level of the personal and the every stage quality control – all these features allow to mount prototypes, single boards, small lots of composite boards and medium lots of products.

Assembled boards pass 100% assemblage quality control. We use optical, X-ray and electrical control equipment and JTAG system for that purpose.

Technological possibilities

-         unilateral and bilateral surface mounting of the SMD-components that are available on a stripe, in case;

-         installed component types: CHIP, SO, SOT, SOD,SOIC,TSOP, SOJ, PLCC,QFP, BGA, ?ВСА, CSP, CGA, LGA, SMT etc.

-         CHIP-components size is from 0201

-         Minimal pitch between leads of QFP-components – 0,4mm

-         Minimal pitch between ball leads of BGA-components – 0,5mm

-         Printed circuit board sizes – no more than 400x300mm

-         Chip disassembling in cases BGA, QFN, etc.

-         Reballing

-         Selective mounting of particular components, that are installed in the holes

-         Automatic optical control of printed board assembly

-         X-ray quality control of soldering electro and radio products

-         Electrical control over panels before and after mounting electro and radio products

-         Chips mounting control in BGA, CGA cases with use of the JTAG system.

Operational order and equipment

Soldering paste application

Semiautomatic printer Dek248V (Germany)

Placing of the components

Automatic placing machine FLX2011-V (Switzerland)

Pick-and-place system EXPERT-SAFP

Soldering in a convectional heater

Heater ERSA HOTFLOW 3/14 (Germany)

Cleaning of printed board assembly

Ultrasonic Cleaning system FinnSonic (Finland)

Jet cleaning system Super SWAH III

BGA optical control

Optical control system ERSASCOPE (Germany)

BGA and SMD X-ray control

X-ray control system Phoenix nanomex 180

Printed board assembly automatic optical inspection

Automatic optical inspection system VANTAGE S22 (Belgium)

Panel electric control

Electric control system SPEA 4060 (Italy)

Printed board assembly electric control

Boundary scan system JTAG DS107/RM1

Visual and technical control

Microscope Altami PS-T II, microscope Magnus HD

Chips control

Ultrasonic scanning system SONIX FUSION

BGA, QFN etc. repair

Semiautomatic soldering system ONYX-29 (Swiss)

The mounting cost is based on panel complexity, technological traits of mounted components and their nomenclature, panel lot size, the quality of designing a technical documentation.

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