Found in 1952
Mission areas

The present-day instrument making technologies and systems engineering are undergoing  a real revolution  connected with the emergence  of  new design environments and techniques. Today, a qualified engineer   applying   necessary   electronic components and items, can  arrange their joint operation by means of software  development tools thus   designing the required  instrument or system and under such a synergistic development scheme the only thing  remains to do – manufacturing   technologically correct electronic components.

However, to  realize  this development  technique  it’s necessary to possess well equipped specialized  design workplaces,  correctly selected  production technologies, and necessary measuring and testing facilities as well.

But this is not enough: state-of-the-art systems engineering can be  created  only by highly qualified  and well trained specialists.

That is why the enterprise’s strategy is  to produce diverse hardware, which essentially  supplements  functionality of humans through constantly raising the intellectual level of its employees and modernizing facilities with  emerging advanced technologies.

The enterprise’s business activity is focused on designing and manufacturing  the following main electronic products, as well as full-scale testing, when  the influence of external factors upon the developed equipment  is tested.

1 Complexes for automated spacecraft control
2 Mutual radio measuring systems (MMS) for spacecraft search, rendezvous and docking
3 Complexes for the Earth remote sensing data reception, processing, distribution and delivery to end users
4 Air- and spaceborne radar systems for the Earth observation
5 Radio-electronic complexes for low-orbital satellite communications systems, ensuring data transmission worldwide
6 Systems for acquisition, storage and high rate transmission of data
7 The Manufacturing of the Geospatial Products